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Malta wins first ERC Starting Grant

Malta has secured its first Starting Grant from the European Research Council after a geoscientist won funding for his 3D geoscience mapping venture.

Aaron Micallef at the University of Malta won a grant of nearly €1.7m in order to study offshore groundwater systems. The venture sees the use of 3D surveying methods off the coast of Malta and New Zealand in order to examine how groundwater can create major landforms on Earth.

The ‘Topographically-driven meteoric groundwater – an important geomorphic agent’ (MARCAN) project will be led by the Maltese researcher. The ERC funding grant will also support PhD and postdoctoral students as well as helping to bring together scientists from other research areas at the university as well as international institutions.

Micallef is currently a senior lecturer at the University of Malta, based at Msida. Starting Grants are given to scientists who wish to form their own research teams.