Plymouth firm helping to beat terrorism
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Technology firm to help combat terrorism

Digital evidence gathering firm Audax Global Solutions has been invited to showcase its latest product to French police, military and counter-terrorism chiefs at an industry event in Paris.

Based in Plymouth, UK, the digital technology company will be at the Public Security Exhibition (PSE) Paris 2017, held at the British Ambassador’s Residence on 6 July.

More than 170 delegates are expected, including representatives from the police, tactical and counter-terror units, border police, the military gendarmerie, and officials responsible for the protection of critical national infrastructure.

Adam Liardet, managing director of Audax, said the firm had received capital support under the Horizon 2020 programme for its recently launched body-worn video camera Bio-AX.

The body-worn video technology focuses on enhanced awareness, worker safety and embedded security to deal with challenging security risks.

“The design, development and manufacture of this new product is in the EU, and thus compliant with the new data protection and encryption standards,” he said.

“We make it, and it’s very attractive in the French market, which is one of Europe’s most open and competitive sectors.”

Liardet added: “The UK is seen as a centre of excellence for public security, and our company has been recognised.”

A spokesman for the PSE event said: “France is a very open and highly competitive market, with opportunities in most sectors, especially for small and medium-sized businesses.

“The UK is seen as a centre of excellence for defence and public security equipment, making it an attractive market that can offer major business opportunities to UK suppliers.”