The workshop took place at the Taj Krishna in Hyderabad © Cephas 405
The workshop took place at the Taj Krishna in Hyderabad © Cephas 405

EU strengthens partnership with Indian Universities

Vice-chancellors and academic leaders of Indian universities and Higher Education Institutions (HEI) have held talks to discuss funding opportunities for further Indo-European co-operation.

The Delegation of the EU to India organised a workshop at the Taj Krishna in Hyderabad on 28 November, where they discussed a range of EU-funded programmes, namely Erasmus+, the Jean Monnet Program (JMP) and Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions (MSCA).

The workshop was attended by some 50 higher education stakeholders, from vice-chancellors and heads of institutions, to a range of academic and administrative.

Its overall aim was to inform the stakeholders about the objectives, content and implementation modalities of Erasmus+, JMP and MSCAs with a view of increasing the participation and success rate of Indian students, researchers and HEIs.

Dr Cesare Onestini, deputy head of the Delegation of the EU to India, along with Professor Pramod Nayar from the University of Hyderabad, inaugurated the workshop.

Onestini said: “India is the greatest beneficiary of Erasmus Mundus, the predecessor programme to Erasmus+. Between 2004 and 2016 around 5,000 Indian students from all parts of India have received Erasmus scholarships – recently at a rate of over 500 per year. New opportunities are now being offered, primarily for HEIs, staff and students, meaning the doors are open to even more Indian participation.”

In-depth sessions were conducted by Onestini on topics including capacity building in higher education, joint masters degrees and individual mobility, JMP and MSCA.