Lisbon to open international water research centre
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Lisbon to open international water research centre

Lisbon, Portugal, is to introduce an international water research centre to find new water solutions and pass on knowledge to decision makers, companies and society.

The project co-ordinator, Jaime Melo Baptista, said: “The idea is to create … an international centre focused on water matters, the Lisbon International Centre for Water, with the aim of developing, in an extensive international network, the best existing knowledge in the sector of water resources and water services and pass it on.”

Baptista, a researcher for the National Civil Engineering Laboratory (LNEC), noted the importance of supporting new technological solutions, products or services which allow for greater efficiency in the use of a key resource in reducing poverty,  and improving health and development.

The project secured funding under Horizon 2020 and “will be ready to start operating” at the end of the year, said Baptista.

With an initial investment of €400,000, the centre has a budget of €15m over seven years, and will initially include 40 partners.