Moldova signs H2020 deal
Moldova © BBM Explorer

Moldova officially joins Horizon 2020

Moldova has completed proceedings to join Horizon 2020.

The document, concerning the contract for research funding, confirms the country’s participation and was signed on Monday by Ambassador to Chisinau Pirkka Tapiola, head of the EU Delegation to the Republic of Moldova, and Gheorghe Duca, the president of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova. The event took place at the Technical University of Moldova in the capital Chişinău.

The signing follows the one that took place at the beginning of July in Brussels, which also saw five western Balkan countries become associated countries to Horizon 2020. Associated status, of which there is now a total of ten countries, entitles participants to the same rights as EU member states in the research and innovation framework programme. Associated countries also make a financial contribution to Horizon 2020.