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Biotech Week begins

EuropaBio has opened its new edition of the European Biotech Week as 16 European countries are set to witness over 100 biotech-focused activities and events.

The fourth edition of the European Biotech Week builds on the success of 2015, with the involvement of three newcomers: Austria, Norway and Sweden.

The annual commitment to increase the dialogue and understanding of biotech will include a panoply of activities that range from open doors, symposiums, round table discussions and job fairs, to running races, competitions, roving labs, theatre plays and hands-on experiments.

This year’s focus is on biotech researchers and their work.

Nathalie Moll, EuropaBio Secretary General said: “It is exciting and motivating to see more and more academics taking up the challenge to communicate about their science and taking the opportunity of enthusing non-scientists.

“We in the biotech community must take the time and make the effort to engage at all levels of society to share examples and discuss ideas and views on the potential of this complex and exciting science.”

The event will take place across four continents, between 26 September and October 2.

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