Algae bioreactor at AlgaeParc, Wageningen, the Netherlands ©
Algae bioreactor at AlgaeParc, Wageningen, the Netherlands ©

SuperBIO partners to support EU bioeconomy

SuperBIO, an innovation consortium supported through the EU Horizon 2020 funding programme, has received €3.8m to support promising value chains in the bioeconomy.

By engaging with the EU bio-based business community, SuperBIO provides ten different innovation services to SMEs. As such, it brings these value chains closer to market readiness.

The SuperBIO consortium includes four industrial cluster organisations, and six service providers including bioeconomy consultants NNFCC.

Innovation in the EU bioeconomy requires new partnerships and connections to establish collaborations between sectors (e.g. between chemistry and agriculture, or between producers and end-users). SuperBIO helps build these networks by engaging with the wider bio-based business community and by supporting cross-sectorial and cross-border value chains as well as providing innovation support for SMEs.

NNFCC will take an intermediary role, identifying stakeholders to create value chains and acting as an innovation service provider, sustainability assessor, market researcher, technology appraiser and business plan reviewer.
Innovative industrial stakeholders are invited to submit ideas to the SuperBIO project, which is mandated to ensure that information remains confidential throughout the process.

The six services providers included in the consortium offer support in: scale-up and proof-of-concept; IP support; lifecycle assessment; techno-economic evaluation; feedstock analysis; market research; sustainability advice; business planning; access to investors; and grant agreements.

As a business-oriented project, SuperBIO offers a unique opportunity to bring innovative, sustainable, cross-border and cross-sectorial value chains closer to the market; aiming to build at least ten new value chains around innovative ideas from the business community.

Stakeholders are invited to register their interest here.