New toolkit for modern journalism set to launch
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New toolkit for modern journalism set to launch

Wan-Ifra has been selected under the Horizon 2020 programme to help facilitate the commercialisation of a new toolkit for modern journalism.

The organisation joins Inject, a consortium of 14 international partners in six countries to develop new digital technologies for news organisations. The goal is to improve the creativity and productivity of journalists in a digital world.

With the tools developed through Inject, Wan-Ifra hopes its member publishers will be at a distinct advantage over those who simply own the production and platforms of newsgathering and distribution.

CEO Vincent Peyrègne said: “The EU-funded Horizon 2020 programmes create an opportunity for traditional publishers to take ownership of their own development, and disrupt the earliest digital start-ups that were born out of the portal and search eras, and we are proud to be an engaged player in that process.”

Inject will officially launch at the Cass Innovate conference in London, UK, on 4 May 2017.

The toolkit includes a creative search engine that reporters can use to search relevant databases for new angles, and to investigate further into the background of the stories they are working on, as well as a functionality that brings articles to life with interactive fact cards. It also scans texts for keywords and automatically links them to additional information.

George Brock, Professor of Journalism at the University of London, said: “Inject aims to do something which no other software for journalism attempts: to combine creative search techniques and ways of telling the reader more about background and sources. Moreover, this help is easy to use and fast.”

Inject is a collaborative innovation project joining journalists, academics, research centres, developers, media organisations and business organisations.