Project to deliver next
Project to deliver next

Project to deliver next-generation cloud service

Researchers at IMDEA Networks are working on the EU-funded project RECAP to develop the next generation of optimised cloud computing systems to support the internet of everything (IoE).

The project will pave the way for a novel concept in the provision of cloud services.

RECAP will develop the next generation of cloud, edge and fog computing capacity provisioning via targeted research advances in cloud infrastructure optimisation, simulation and automation. It will look at how to design and manage new infrastructures and service provisioning models. It will aim to deliver services and allocate resources in a dynamic manner, tied to time-varying user requirements.

RECAP’s principal investigator, Dr Paolo Casari, said: “Today, countless services are provided by the cloud.

“This is not limited to distributed storage systems: collaborative online editing, video conferencing, web site deployment and hosting, intensive computation services, data processing and enterprise administration tools are just a few examples of resources and services that the cloud can provide.”

Vincenzo Mancuso, RECAP project co-ordinator, added: “This is bound to increase much more: by 2020, the number of devices requesting services to cloud platforms will be huge.

“To provide prompt reactivity to user requests, most data will have to be stored and processed at the network edge or directly in neighbouring, possibly mobile, devices. This calls for a radical rethinking of the cloud infrastructure and service provisioning model, and will require intensive data processing, machine learning and analytics, to ensure that the cloud infrastructure can be optimised on the fly, and that faults are promptly identified and remediated.”

The project will run until January 2020.