© Conrad Gesner
© Conrad Gesner

Graphene producer prepare for launch

Norway-based CealTech AS is set to become the largest volume producer of graphene in the world, as they prepare to release pre-orders on 25 January.

CealTech´s graphene production unit, ForzaTM (patent pending), will be the world’s largest machine for producing high volume, high quality graphene.

The company has set a target of producing 10m3 of high purity graphene daily from March 2017, to a planned daily target of 30m3 by 2020.

Speaking to Horizon2020projects.com, CealTech’s sales manager Dr Michel Eid said: “The plan is to have the first pre-orders within the coming weeks. We will start production with one unit and as soon as we have the demand we will ramp up by adding further active units to the production line. Dependent on the response from the market, we may also explore options to expand into other countries.

“We have a unique technology which gives us the ability to consistently provide high quality graphene at high speed and high volume.”

CealTech already established its services within several market segments, including energy storage, medicine, defence, maritime, electronics and sensors, oil and gas, and aerospace.

Eid added: “We are actively working with companies from different industries. For example, we are working on batteries for energy storage applications, coatings for applications such as wind turbines, and we are also working on medicine applications.

“Some customers are commercial companies, and while we have several partners in Norway, we are also working with a lot of companies in Europe, and the fact that we have agreements in the US is similarly allowing us to expand our reach.”

Although graphene has been described by many as a ‘wonder material’, its increasing popularity has raised questions concerning the adequate standardisation of commercially available products. When asked how he would overcome this, Eid said: “We will do our best to differentiate between graphene and graphite, and will show the value of what we have from what is currently on the market – making sure that people appreciate the products.

“We are also actively working on communication with the Graphene Council, and we have expressed our full support to create a standard, followed by certification, whereby producers will be supervised by a third party and where quality can be checked. Certified graphene producers can then be established, and I would hope we could be the first company to get such a certification.”

With CealTech set to change the graphene production industry, you can follow their progress, and place your order here.