SMEs to receive support in creative content sector
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SMEs to receive support in creative content sector

A new project co-funded under the Horizon 2020 programme aims to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the creative content sector.

The ARDITO project will build on existing e-infrastructures, rights data standards and identifiers, and bring together SMEs from creative sectors, as well as the UK Copyright Hub, to accelerate the development of a rights data network.

Paola Mazzucchi, co-ordinator of the project said: “ARDITO will fill the gap in the digital content value network and connect online contents to rights information, by building a complementary digital rights data network.

“It builds upon an earlier EU co-funded project, the Rights Data Integration (RDI) Project.”

Mazzucchi added that 85% of all actors in the creative industries sector are SMEs and contribute enormous value to a digital value network.

However, she said: “When users wish to re-use creative content, it is hard to find information about who to ask for permission, which licences are available, and on which terms—which is where ARDITO comes in.”

The project’s key goals include optimising new content identification technologies such as watermarks and content recognition, for use in the right data network.

ARDITO will launch at the London Book Fair on 14 March.