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AINA Wireless

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AINA Wireless develops wireless communication devices for mission critical push-to-talk (PTT) over mobile broadband. Made in Finland, AINA’s products combine grown user habits and practicality with the versatility of modern communication and information technology.

PTT is a half-duplex communication technology allowing instant voice messaging at the push of a button. Before, there were land mobile radios (LMRs), also known as walkie-talkies; today, high-speed mobile broadband enables internet protocol (IP)-based PTT using smartphones. Entering the market with the PTT Voice Responder, AINA Wireless’ overall aim is to completely replace LMRs by designing and developing Long Term Evolution-enabled public safety grade devices.

AINA’s team consists of engineers and international business professionals who have developed smartphones and wireless communication devices for fire, emergency, safety and industrial professionals, and the military for more than 20 years. The AINA team assures high quality communication devices to its customers within public and private security and transportation, emergency, disaster relief, utilities, trucking and logistics, oil and gas, and mining services, by paying close attention to every detail within the mechanical design, hardware and software development, and production process of all of AINA’s products.

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Client Presentations
AINA Wireless
AINA Wireless

This Paumax Oy presentation details the new hardware devices enabling smart push-to-talk communications, even when key distribution networks are down....[]

Research Interests
  • Wireless devices for IP-based PTT communication;
  • Mission critical PTT over LTE (MC PTT LTE), meeting 3GPP public safety standards with wireless handheld devices;
  • Audio over Bluetooth low energy and near field communication (touch pairing);
  • Video-speaker-microphone development: state-of-the-art PTT performance with live streaming body-worn camera;
  • AES 128/256 encryption for audio over Bluetooth;
  • Mesh-networks based on LTE chipsets for wireless communication in absence of networks;
  • Combining traditional walkie-talkie-style PTT with mobile broadband capabilities into a single device for public service authorities;
  • Over the air (OTA) deployment of public safety apps; and
  • Developing an IP communicator featuring a security-enhanced Android operating system, real-time cloud video recording, encrypted PTT, geo-locating and telemetry, man-down alerts, and active and passive emergency dispatch.