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Aurelius Environmental

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Founded in 2014, our company’s name is a tribute to the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius, who often looked to Nature for guidance and inspiration. Unlike many of his peers, Aurelius stood up for the needs of the public, his strong moral values and ethical stance led to openness, honesty and justice for the people. Aurelius Environmental seeks to exemplify these principles in all its operations. We aim to revolutionise the recycling industry not only through science, but also via ethical practice, sustainability and fairness for the local communities wherein we conduct our business.

We have a vision. We believe in a fully sustainable business, where waste streams enter our processes and nothing but products leave, and where multiple recycling infrastructures complement each other – one stream’s waste being another stream’s in-feed. Our journey towards this vision begins here, with a technology that is poised to revolutionise the recycling of lead-acid batteries and ready to provide the innovation this field has been desperately seeking.

Recent Publications

Profile in Pan European Networks: Government – issue 22

Advert in Pan European Networks: Government – issue 22

Research Interests
  • Lead-acid battery recycling – best prices paid for batteries. Discover our revolutionary green recycling process;
  • Materials and Technology Development for Lead-acid Batteries; and
  • Research and Development of New clean and advanced recycling technologies.