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Areas of Expertise

MarkMar has extensive expertise in the European research arena and has maintained a special focus on the European framework programmes (FP) through direct participation in projects and in proposal developments. Team building and consortia management from FP4 to the current Horizon 2020 programme provide us with a strong foundation to work with our clients.

MarkMar identifies possible sources of research funding and provides expertise to help partners to prepare and manage their collaborative research proposals and projects in the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 framework programme and Eurostars-Eureka.

MarkMar can undertake the entire process of developing a research proposal from defining the idea, building a consortium, submitting a research proposal, EC contract preparation support, and supporting the project management in collaboration with the project consortium through the project lifecycle if required.

For successful proposal writing we will advise you on the proposal conception, project structuring, and the roadmap for the necessary stages towards delivering a competitive project proposal and its submission. We:


In Horizon 2020 we have already achieved success in a number of projects, both for SMEs and for larger clients. Visit our News page for more details.


MarkMar works with you to bring together all the necessary elements, knowledge and research developments required to establish the market potential for each project’s results, and provide expertise in mobilising venture funding partners to bring innovations to market.

Partners coming on-board an innovation project concept with background knowledge, funding and other resources will be advised through the establishment of a consortium agreement on the appropriate sharing ratio of IPR prior to project kick-off.

Dedicated training courses

MarkMar conducts dedicated training courses for supporting participation in EC funding programmes. These can be offered as special in-house courses or by hosting open training workshops. The course content focuses on the following topics:


Successful project management requires frequent contact with partners to facilitate the progress of the project according to the work plans, and to ensure that all work is done to the highest standard. MarkMar will actively encourage the development of relationships between partners to ensure the successful conclusion of every project. For further information about clients and projects, visit our website

Examples of Horizon 2020-funded projects

Research Interests

The active project management service provided by MarkMar as a project partner or a third party contractor to the co-ordinator will provide:

  • Integrated as managing partner in your consortium, MarkMar takes the burden of project bureau administration and is on your side from the initial contract phase with the funding body to the last scientific report and financial audit;
  • Support in dissemination, communications and knowledge management towards a successful transfer of science to market;
  • Compilation of all periodic and final reports for the European Commission;
  • Liaise with the EC project officers on all additional consortium requirements; and
  • Financial and administrative tasks management.