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Pfalzklinikum – service provider for mental health in the Palatinate

Pfalzklinikum is one of the biggest service providers for mental health in the Palatinate in southwest Germany. Their numerous inpatient, day-care, and outpatient treatment facilities, as well as their community-based services, build a network all over the region in order to support mentally impaired people: individually and close to their homes and social environments. At present, around 2,000 employees care for the more than 1,000 places and beds.

Promoting mental health: ‘The Palatinate makes itself/you strong – ways to resilience’

As mental health is its daily task, Pfalzklinikum focuses on more than helping people becoming mentally healthy again. Rather, maintaining and fostering mental health is their overall objective – for their clients and the people living in the Palatinate. In 2014, Pfalzklinikum therefore co-founded an initiative fostering mental health called ‘The Palatinate makes itself/you strong – ways towards resilience’. It aims to develop a resilient Palatinate region by 2025. People will be empowered to help one another remain healthy and cope with the challenges and crises in their lives.

Socioecological approach

In three work fields, the initiative promotes resilience and health literacy in the context of the different settings of people’s social environment: the level of the individual (‘Me and the others’), the organisational level (‘The Job and the Company’), and the community level (‘Us and the Community’). The resilience initiative is different from other approaches to resilience in its conviction that it is not only important to establish strengthening factors but to reduce risks for individuals. Furthermore, they emphasise that every individual is embedded in and influenced by different areas of life – therefore, they call their approach ‘socioecological’. Accordingly, the initiative consists of interdisciplinary partners – e.g. experts in communication, in organisational structures, in public health and the like.

Alongside the diverse projects in the prevention of mental health, the initiative is working out a communication strategy. Thereby the discourse around the topic of mental health and resilience can be steered in a productive direction, so that a public ‘rethinking’ towards health promotion can be achieved.

For information on the ‘way to resilience’, please click here

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Research Interests

As a service provider for mental health, the ‘Pfalzklinikum’ offers:

  • General Psychiatry;
  • Psychiatry of later life;
  • Child and adolescence psychiatry;
  • Outpatient services and day care;
  • Psychotherapy;
  • Psychosomatic;
  • Neurological;
  • Social therapeutic; and
  • Community-based services in many regions of the Palatinate.