Clarity project improves EU transparency
Clarity eGov © European Parliament

Clarity project improves EU transparency

The Clarity project seeks to support European member states in their pursuit for greater trust, transparency and efficiency within governments via the increased take-up of open government initiatives.

The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovations programme and will mobilise a multidisciplinary network of stakeholders to conduct an interactive needs assessment and gap analysis in order to understand gaps in the market and support growth on innovative solutions for open government.

The results will be developed into a blueprint for the next steps in facilitating open government initiatives in Europe.

The Clarity blueprint is driven by the need to promote greater trust in public institutions, and will influence the direction and funding priorities of eGovernment initiatives at EU and national levels.

The project has been supporting and interacting with the Open eGovernment community in Europe and working together to outline the innovation strategies for the next ten years.

This effort has culminated in a blueprint for the Open eGovernment overall and specific strategies for four main domain areas: General Practice Health, Local Government Services, SMEs and self-employed, and Disability

Partners in this project are: Trilaterial Research Ltd (co-ordinator, UK), Intrasoft International (Luxembourg), Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (Spain), Open Knowledge Sweden (Sweden), Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza (Spain), and Skelleftea Kommun (Sweden).