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Commission speeds market access with funds

The European Commission is awarding more than €33m to bring more innovative ideas to market quicker.

Designed to benefit 17 projects involving 80 partners in 19 countries, each receiving around €2m under the sixth and final round of the €200m Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) pilot scheme, which has been running for two years  under the EU’s research and innovation programme Horizon 2020.

Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation Carlos Moedas said: Supporting market-creating innovation for growth and job creation is at the core of Horizon 2020. The Fast Track to Innovation pilot has attracted top innovative businesses, giving them a head start in the race to market with a total investment of €200m in EU funding.”

The range of projects include a self-cleaning coating for solar panels; an application to fight Honey Bee Colony Mortality, which uses sensors and network connectivity to exchange information; silent ecological rubber pavements; a new type of colourant that sorts polymers from mixed waste streams; and a device that analyses one’s breath to diagnose whether infections are bacterial or viral.

The FTI pilot is a bottom-up measure promoting innovative activities at the close-to-the-market stage, supporting tested innovative concepts and activities including systems validation in real conditions; the testing, piloting, and validation of business models; and standard setting and pre-normative research.

In this last round more than half of the project participants (55%) are SMEs.