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© PeteLinforth

Project to analyse cognitive ageing

A new project funded under Horizon 2020 is set to identify the risk and protective factors in the brain and mental health during different life stages

The project incorporates 14 research groups from different European countries, co-ordinated by the University of Oslo, Norway.

To carry out the study, researchers will integrate data from big European cohorts on cognitive and genetic facets, as well as mental health, lifestyle and neuroimaging in different age ranges. This information comes from more than 6,000 people who have been studied over different stages of their lives.

David Bartés Faz, also IDIBAPS member, said: “The underlying idea of the project is the way in which we age, from a cognitive perspective, it certainly depends on previous life stages and there are risk and protective factors that have a different impact depending on the life stage, and end up determining if we age well or poorly in the cognitive aspect.

“In short, what we are looking for is to understand which modifiable configurations of risk and protective factors, together with genetic factors, make someone mentally age better than another”.