Project to enhance to open science

Project to enhance open science

The Orion Project is to explore ways in which research and funding organisations can open up how they fund, organise, conduct and disseminate research.

Orion has been launched with €3.2m of EU funding to help research and funding organisations to understand existing challenges in open science and to implement institutional, cultural and behavioural changes in how they carry out and manage research.

Michela Bertero, co-ordinator of the ORION project, said: “New models of working require novel co-operative approaches that engage lots of different actors, such as researchers, funders, publishers, patient organisations, citizens, students, teachers or companies.

“It is often difficult to open up fundamental research in life sciences and biomedicine to different stakeholders, particularly citizens.”

At the core of the project will be open ‘co-creation’ experiments looking at ways to make scientific research more participatory and inclusive.

This will include issues such as how research organisations can receive inputs from a multitude of stakeholders, how research funding can be made more inclusive, how public dialogue can inform research policy and research content, and how citizens can become more involved in fundamental research projects.

ORION will also generate new training materials for professionals working in funding agencies, to raise knowledge and awareness about open science and responsible research and innovation, to help organisations incorporate principles of ethics, gender, good governance, open access, public engagement and science education in their policies, practices and processes.