Türk Telekom funds 5G futures

Türk Telekom funds 5G futures

Türk Telekom is playing a leading role in the development of the 5G technologies that will transform life and business operations in Turkey. 

The Ankara-based communications company has said that the development of 5G technology is a strategic priority for the company. The goal of the regulatory body in Turkey is to launch 5G at the same time as the rest of the world.

The development of 5G technology in Turkey is being initiated through subsidiary company Argela, with its extensive focus on research and development. Clear5G is a key project of Argela and has received the support of Horizon 2020, the European Commission’s research and innovation programme.

With Clear5G, latency in data transmission at the in-plant automation site will be reduced to less than one millisecond.

Türk Telecom’s 5G centre of excellence aims to establish Turkey as a technological producer rather than just a consumer. The centre will also host the development of domestic 5G technologies and the technologies that Turkey will require in its transition to 5G.

In a 5G-operative world, devices are expected to be more connected to people through virtual and augmented reality. Customers will be able to use data download and online streaming services at higher capabilities.

Nearly four million machines are in communication with each other in Turkey, and by 2020 this will grow to approximately eight million machines that are able to talk via the internet.

Türk Telekom is working to set global standards for 5G technology, and has attracted international attention.