Swiss regain access to two H2020 programmes
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Swiss regain access to two H2020 programmes

Switzerland has regained full participation in two EU-funded innovation programmes which had been postponed following negotiations over a 2014 vote on immigration from the EU.

The Swiss government approved the country’s participation in the Eurostars-2 and Active and Assisted Living (AAL) programmes, both co-funded under the Horizon 2020 research initiative.

Eurostars-2 and AAL are designed for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that invest more than 10% of their revenues into research and development and are looking to gain access to new European or global markets. AAL makes up part of the Swiss government’s skilled workers initiative that seeks to develop the country’s workforce.

The agreement approved is retroactive to the beginning of 2017 and will allow Switzerland to once again play an active role in determining how Eurostars-2 and AAL funds are spent. It also releases funds from Horizon 2020 for additional projects with Swiss partners. The country has been one of the most active participants in the two programmes with 231 Swiss projects having received funding through Eurostars-2 and 82 through AAL between 2008 and 2016.

Switzerland regained partial access to Horizon 2020 at the beginning of this year after ratifying the free movement of people accord with Croatia. The ratification was a condition from the EU for Switzerland’s renewed access to the research funds.