Battery manufacturers welcome EU vehicle decarbonisation plan
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Battery manufacturers welcome EU vehicle decarbonisation plan

European battery manufacturers’ association Eurobat has welcomed a proposal by the European Commission to decarbonise the union’s transport sector.

Eurobat welcomes it as “one of a number of sectors its members will help to decarbonise”.

The group predicted that vehicles from hybrids through full electric “will co-exist for the foreseeable future” and, as such, “continuous efforts on the development of all battery technologies will be a fundamental cornerstone of the transition to a decarbonised economy”.

According to the group, the decarbonisation of sectors from energy storage and grid stability to warehouse, port logistics and telecommunication will be underpinned by battery technology. Given this, Eurobat said it also welcomed the commission’s launch of a Battery Alliance earlier this month.

As part of the alliance, the commission will deploy more than €2bn from the Horizon 2020 work programme for 2018-2020 to support research and innovation projects in four priority areas, all relevant for batteries, the decarbonication of the EU building stock, EU leadership on renewables, energy storage solutions and electro-mobility.

Eurobat said the programme was in line with its proposed 2030 EU Battery Strategy, launched in February.