EPA calls on researchers to solve major climate issues
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EPA calls on researchers to solve climate issues

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has made €8.2m available to researchers to help find solutions to the major environmental issues.

The EPA in Ireland has issued its annual research call in the hope of finding solutions to emerging and complex environmental issues.

The EPA has said that it is putting a particular focus on the importance of a clean, protected environment for health, wellbeing and quality of life.

The grant has been made available to researchers who can work within the areas of water, climate and sustainability.

Available to researchers worldwide, recent changes in the application process have resulted in more availability for women as part of the organisation’s gender equality initiative.

Submissions deadlines for hopeful researchers will be on 3 July followed by a call authorisation deadline on 14 July.

When all the applications have been received, the EPA has said that it will begin awarding the successful researchers funding in November of this year.

EPA’s research manager Dr Alice Wemaere, said: “As part of the 2017 research call we anticipate receiving research proposals addressing a wide range of topics; for example, emerging contaminants, antimicrobial resistance, human biomonitoring, or linkages between health and our environment including projects on air quality, noise, odour and climate.”