Project proposes solution to carbon regeneration

Project proposes solution to carbon regeneration

The PORTABLECRAC project develops environmentally friendly and economically beneficial technology to regenerate the activated carbon used in industry for water filtration.

Its major focus will be on the adaptation of a compact device that will improve flexibility, and operational and investment costs with respect to existing equipment, assuring replicability and up-scaling the proposed solution.

The chemical and water sector requires large amounts of activated carbon to remove contaminants from water, which is a valuable and limited resource.

PORTABLECRAC proposes a sustainable and long-term solution whilst creating employment in the EU’s service sector.

It also proposes a solution to water treatment with an 86% reduction in cost per kg/AC, and a fourfold reduction in CO₂ emissions.

The consortium is composed of partner organisations from three different countries: CONTACTICA SL (project co-ordinator), ENVIROHEMP SL, Universidad de Alicante, and EMIVASA, Spain; GRADO ZERO INNOVATION SRL, Italy; and AGRI-PRO, Portugal; as well as RTD Research and Innovation and Universidad de Vigo.