© Colin - Wikimedia Commons - CC BY-SA-4.0
© Colin - Wikimedia Commons - CC BY-SA-4.0

Project to support resilient cities and their infrastructures

Horizon 2020 project RESIN develops standardised approaches to increase the resilience of Europe’s cities and urban areas to extreme weather and climate change.

The RESIN project is investigating climate change adaptation practices in European cities and assessing impact and vulnerability in order to develop standardised methodologies and decision support tools that cities can use to develop local adaptation strategies.

At the occasion of the RESIN November 2017 consortium meeting held in Brussels, a panel discussed the outcomes of the project in the light of EU policies and European urban challenges.

Cities in Europe are approaching a crucial time in terms of finding solutions for climate change adaptation. RESIN is optimally placed to advise and guide policy developments on a local and international level on the topic of urban adaptation.

The RESIN partner cities have been central players in the project, providing knowledge to improve the project tools’ quality.

Alberto Terenzi, of ICLEI Europe, explained: “We wanted to adjust the timing of the tool development to match cities’ needs.” The RESIN cities have already begun using the tools, and have made progress on adaptation with them despite the tools not being developed to completion.”

The tools of the RESIN project are useful as a complementary combined suite of tools, hosted in an online guidance platform called the ‘eGuide’.