InnoEnergy launches gamechanging
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InnoEnergy launches ‘game-changing’ impact programme

InnoEnergy, the innovation engine for sustainable energy, has partnered with The GC Index®, an assessment tool to identify ‘game changers’, to launch the game-changing impact programme.

The new initiative aims to equip students for future careers to boost European energy innovation and support the region’s sustainable energy future.

InnoEnergy developed the 18-month programme in partnership with The GC Index, an assessment tool that identifies the roles required to transform the future of businesses and provides students with the framework to maximise their impact in the workplace.

Commenting on the launch, Frank Gielen, education director at InnoEnergy, said: “We’re proud to be working in close partnership with The GC Index to pioneer a new approach to sustainable energy education. People are the lifeblood of innovation and its key that our graduates have the right skills to help Europe achieve a sustainable energy future.

“The new programme supports both students and their future employers. Industry needs an informed, engaged and ambitious graduate workforce to achieve success. Our focus is to equip students with the essential workplace skills needed to make a smooth transition from education to industry.”

Nathan Ott, CEO of The GC Index, added: “We’re firm believers that whilst not everyone is a game changer, everyone can make a game-changing impact. We are delighted to partner with InnoEnergy to help energy students identify how they can make a real difference and thrive – driving ideas forward and achieving their full potential as the innovators of the future.”