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Natural refrigerants awarded for energy efficiency

European project ProCold has recognised the most efficient and climate-friendly refrigeration equipment manufacturers.

At this year’s EuroShop, the EU-funded ProCold project honoured five natural refrigerant equipment manufacturers for their energy-efficient products.

Therese Kreitz of the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME), one of the project partners, said: “We’re going for energy efficiency and climate friendly natural refrigerants.”

Most of the winners used hydrocarbon refrigerants, except for Sielaff, which opted for CO2 as the refrigerant in its vending machines.

In Europe, the Hoshizaki Group sells Gram’s Superior Plus K72G vertical freezer, which has achieved an energy efficiency rating of A.

Anders Sjøgaard, chief technology officer at Gram Commercial, said: “We are delighted that our commitment to manufacturing energy-efficient refrigeration has been recognised by the important and influential ProCold Topten Project.

“The award will help to further assure our existing and future Hoshizaki customers that they are choosing the most beneficial products for a green future.”

The ProCold project is working towards introducing an energy label at EU level. The European Commission is yet to introduce energy efficiency standards and labelling for commercial refrigeration.

Heiko Schulz, international sales manager for food retail at Liebherr, winner of two awards, said: “We are the most efficient but unfortunately the big problem is we are not able to show it on our products.”

Kreitz noted that the lack of a unifying energy label for the EU or by member states meant the market was not moving as quickly as it could towards energy efficiency and climate-friendly products.

The labelling of domestic refrigerators at EU level has already led to a reduction in energy consumption of 66%, according to the ProCold project.