Tilos to convert to renewable energy storage
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Tilos to convert to renewable energy storage

The Greek island of Tilos is set to approve a renewable energy programme, allowing for the creation of the country’s first hybrid, renewable energy-based battery station and smart microgrid.

The programme vies to make the island independent in the energy sector in a few years.

Tilos currently relies on oil-based electricity from neighbouring Kos via an undersea cable.

The ‘Tilos’ project (Technology Innovation for the Local Scale) provides for the construction of a hybrid battery-based storage system to turn the island into a resilient renewable energy sources (RES)-based microgrid using only wind and solar power.

The project is a first in Greece, involving 13 partners from seven countries, including Italy, under the supervision of the University of Piraeus.

Mayor Maria Kamma-Alfieri said: “The Island is extremely beautiful, green and full of flowers in this season and has a long tradition in the protection of the environment.

“We have banned hunting for years now and we try to attract a different type of tourism. We have extraordinary biodiversity in Tilos, much more than other islands of the Dodecanese, because we have many springs.”

The project vies to immediately cover 70% of local demand with the aim of reaching the 100% target in the future, she said.

”Thanks to this system we could also provide energy to the Kos network. It is a unique project, funded by the European programme Horizon 2020, and the population has embraced it.”

The project has allowed Tilos to become one of 12 finalists in four categories for the EU Sustainable Energy Awards among the group of ‘Energy Islands’. The award ceremony is scheduled for 20 June.