EIB grants Da Volterra €20m loan

EIB grants Da Volterra €20m loan

The European Investment Bank (EIB) has granted biopharmaceutical company Da Volterra €20m to speed up the development of innovative solutions for the prevention and treatment of antibiotic-resistant infections.

The EIB support for Da Volterra’s development is being funded under the Horizon 2020 initiative, and specifically the InnovFin Infectious Diseases Finance Facility, which offers bespoke products for financing high-risk projects in the field of infectious diseases.

Carlos Moedas, the European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, said: “This operation under the InnovFin facility demonstrates the EU’s determination to tackle major public health problems.

“We hope that this loan will help to improve the quality of life of people affected by infectious diseases and reduce the risk of development of antibiotic resistance.”

The InnovFin instrument funds the development of vaccines, medicines, medical and diagnostic equipment, and research facilities.

In 2016, the EIB Group provided €13.5bn in support of innovative projects in Europe, including research programmes from large corporate groups, specialised and biotech companies.

Florence Séjourné, CEO of Da Volterra, added: “We are highly honoured by the EIB’s commitment to Da Volterra. The EIB loan will provide us with significant additional resources to take forward our research programmes in a critical area, that of serious bacterial infections.

“This loan will help meet the challenge posed by today’s multiresistant bacteria and multiple infectious risks. Da Volterra is one of the few companies in the world that is clinically developing a new agent designed to prevent Clostridium difficile infections and the emergence of resistant bacteria by protecting intestinal flora from the disruption caused by antibiotic treatment.”