Special Report: Social pioneer

Maria Morgan (pictured) is the director of Kineara Ltd, a social enterprise that assists the most vulnerable families in society through pioneering methods of  intervention. Kineara has a bespoke cost saving approach that can help local authorities and housing associations.

Kineara is a pioneering social enterprise that provides support to housing associations and organisations that work with communities and vulnerable people. Kineara Ltd was founded in 2012 by the award-winning London Borough of Tower Hamlets’ Family Intervention Project (FIP). Using the knowledge and experience the FIP team had built over seven years, Kineara developed a short-term intervention to help people who are on the verge of spiralling into crisis.

Kineara works with tenants in rent arrears to help them out of debt, identify the problems they face and create a support package to help them get to a better place. By the time the intervention is finished, tenants are happier, on a payment plan and the costs being incurred by the organisations involved are reduced.

The FIP model that inspired Kineara, is based on the understanding that the most vulnerable individuals and families have internal and external factors underpinning the disruption in their lives. This may affect their community, stop them from accessing universal services appropriately, create a need for specialist services involvement and put a financial strain on housing, the public purse and other services.

FIPs work with the most vulnerable and troubled families, providing long-term intervention to those causing disruption to their communities and their own lives. Kineara offers short-term interventions for families, adults and communities who just need a little bit of extra support to get back on track. A bespoke cost saving tool allows Kineara to calculate the financial savings each intervention makes.

Please get in touch with Kineara to hear more about the Rent Support Programme, community development projects, consultancy, training and its education programme.


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