Big data research project to launch rail scheme
© alex grichenko

Big data research project to launch rail scheme

The Transforming Transport big data research project is preparing to launch a rail pilot project in Spain as one of 13 pilot schemes in Europe covering all modes of transport.

Co-ordinated by Indra, Spain, Transforming Transport is intended to be a demonstration of how data generated by the transport and logistics sector can be exploited in an innovative way, using Big Data technologies to improve efficiency.

It is one of the largest projects funded by the European Commission within its Horizon 2020 programme, both in terms of its €18.7m budget and the fact that it has 47 partners from the UK, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

The pilot projects will be used to develop and test new algorithms based on existing Big Data technologies that allow for the integration and analysis of real data, developing transport patterns and exploiting these in a way that is most suitable for decision making.

The Spanish city of Valladolid will implement one of the pilot projects on urban mobility; France, on the connected vehicle; and the UK, on rail transport. The results from the pilot projects are expected to be reusable and replicable.

The use of Big Data is expected to improve operational efficiency by at least 15% by optimising the use of resources and reducing maintenance costs, fuel consumption and incidents.