© Fraunhofer IVI
© Fraunhofer IVI

Finland launches first fully electric buses

Passengers in Helsinki, Finland, can now ride the city’s first all-electric bus.

The buses, which are the first fast-charging electric buses in Finland, are manufactured by Linkker and use drivetrains from Visedo. During operation the electric buses produce no emissions and use significantly less energy than their diesel equivalents.

Tests demonstrated that the Visedo-powered e-buses consume less than 0.7 kWh per kilometre. This also makes them much more cost-effective as they require less maintenance and offer longer lifespans than diesel buses.

Visedo CEO Kimmo Rauma said: “It’s really exciting to see our technology in action so close to home. I can’t wait to ride one of the new e-buses to our office in Helsinki.

“Converting to electric buses will not only reduce emissions and tackle air pollution in the capital, but it’s a great chance for people to experience the benefits of electric-powered transport in their everyday lives.”

The Helsinki Regional Transport Authority’s (HSL) is committed to increasing the use of low-emissions vehicles and plans to power a third of its fleet with electricity by 2025.

Mayor of Helsinki Jussi Pajunen, said: “The ambitious goal of an electric bus fleet is vital for implementing Helsinki’s vision on carbon neutral future.”

Speaking to Finland’s national broadcaster Yle, Helsinki bus driver Aino-Maija Nurmiainen said: “The new buses make it so much easier to drive smoothly than hybrid cars do. The passengers will probably notice how quiet the ride is.”