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Project to recharge electric vehicles whilst on the road

A unique wireless electrification system is to be piloted on a bus route in Tel Aviv, Israel, before it moves to Europe.

As more and more electric vehicles hit urban streets across the world, better battery-recharging solutions are needed to improve range, keep costs low and boost user confidence.

Oren Ezer and Hanan Rumbak cofounded ElectRoad in 2013 to develop their concept of underground electric coils that recharge vehicles as they travel on the road.

Ezer said: “The idea of electrifying vehicles from the road is trendy right now and you can see several companies trying to do a similar concept to us, but our technology is totally different, from the coils under the asphalt to the transfer of energy to the bus.”

ElectRoad received funding in October 2015 from the Horizon 2020 project to refine its objectives, define its market segment and persuade strategic partners.

ElectRoad’s copper-and-rubber electromagnetic induction strips are installed inside an 8cm trench in the asphalt. From digging to repaving, the process can be completed on a 1km stretch in half a day.

The system requires smart inverters with real-time communication capabilities installed on the sides of the road, and a coil unit attached beneath the electric vehicle to receive the power over a small air gap to insure safety.

Ezer added: “We can easily retrofit any kind of electric bus, truck or car.

“All we’re doing is adapting the receiver.”

ElectRoad also gains funding from the Israel Innovation Authority and the ministries of transportation, energy and economy.