Special Report: Environmentally sound

sioo-wood-protection-21931_imageSwedish company Sioo Wood Protection AB on the new, environmentally sound ways of protecting wood and wood products

Sioo Wood Protection AB was established in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 2008. Today Sioo:x products are in widespread use with applications in the commercial and domestic environments. Introduced to the UK in 2012, Sioo Wood Protection has developed revolutionary products based on natural minerals as silicate for the multifunctional protection of all wood types. The methodology, which was inspired by Nature, mineralises wood, effectively, turning it into ‘stone’. In this way, Sioo:x protects wood and improves existing coating properties fourfold, without the use of biocides, whilst helping to protect the environment.

Sioo:x products are specified by world-leading architects, professionals and clients as endurable and attractive wood protection solutions that allow the timber to blend into its environment. Following success on the domestic market, the company is now turning its attention to the bigger markets of Europe and North America. The technologies will therefore be modified for applications in these alternative environments.

Paradigm shift
Sioo:x will be a real paradigm shift in the wood protection sector as it acts both as a preservative and a coating. By strengthening the wood and enhancing its quality, it will be very well protected against regular wear and tear as well as against more extreme dangers including rot and fire damage.

Based on new patented techniques, the product consists of two components: a wood protector and a surface protector. The former is a water-soluble alkaline silicate that penetrates the wood substance, forming insoluble silica particles inside the wood. The latter is a water-based silane emulsion that forms a flexible, water-repellent silica network inside the surface layers.

The protective properties are highly durable – lasting up to ten years for decking and 15 for cladding, i.e. up to four times the lifespan of current coatings. Moreover, the product is totally biocide and emission-free, and can be cured without heating and applied to wet/damp wood, reducing energy costs.

Natural beauty
Sioo:x allows the natural beauty of the wood to show through, without the common blackening. Architects can use new aesthetical expressions and find new areas in which to use wood. The products are very easy to apply, can be used on most wood species and have very little need for maintenance.

In Scandinavia, the products continue to be used successfully on the DIY market, but professionals and the big wood producers have also discovered the advantages and are now starting to use the products in commercial and industrial applications. Sioo:x also maintains an ongoing R&D programme with Chalmers Technical University in Gothenburg, and the world-leading SP Technical Institute, Borås, enabling the momentum of this revolutionary new product to continue growing, much like our trees.

Herje Boström
Sioo Wood Protection AB

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